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Walsh Middle School Band

Parent FAQs

My child is involved in sports and other after-school activities. Will they have enough time to be in band?

Yes! 6th grade band students do not have group rehearsals outside the school day. Beginner band is a class that meets during the school day.  Most of our students are very involved in other sports, acitivities, and clubs inside and outside of school.

My child has never studied music before? Will they be successful if they sign up for band?

Yes! Most of our students have never played a musical instrument before they come to us. We start from square one and teach all of the fundemental skills necessary to be successful in playing and reading music.

How will you help decide which instrument my child will play?

All 5th grade students will come to Walsh on Saturday, April 23 for our Instrument Selection Saturday. Each child will have the opportunity to sit down with a teacher and try each of our 11 different instruments. The teachers will help guide each family into making a decision that will be a great fit for your child.

What if my child already knows which instrument they want to play?

We encourage students to come to Instrument Selection Saturday with an open mind when choosing an instrument. Many students are very familiar with the sound of a saxophone or trumpet, but may have not ever thought about trying the bassoon or euphonium. Different physical characteristics will make producing a sound easier on some instruments than others for each person Our goal is to find the instrument that each student will have the most natural success with.

Will my child perform in concerts as a part of the band?

Yes! The 6th grade band students will perform two concerts during the school year. Parents will be amazed at the level of musicianship that is displayed from these wonderful young performers.

What are private lessons?

Many of our families take advantage of the RRISD private lesson instruction program that takes place at Walsh, but it is not a requirement for every student to do so. Private lessons are offered for any student who would like extra instruction with a professional who specializes on their instrument. It is incredibily helpful to have beginner students be able to have an individualized curriculum that works at their own pace. Private lessons take place at Walsh before school, after school, or during the student's band class period.

Should I go buy an instrument?

Not yet! Purchasing, or renting an instrument can be complicated. Instruments come in a variety of brands and models with different options and accessories. Once we help your family select which instrument your child will play, we will give you all the information you will need about supplies.

Welcome 5th Grade
Students and Parents!

Selection Saturday
April 14, 2018
Walsh Middle School Gym

Instrument Selection Information

The first step in your experience as a Walsh Band family member will be Instrument Selection Saturday on April, 8. Students and parents will come to the Walsh Middle School gym at their designated time to try out all of our 11 different instrument options that we offer beginning band students. It is our goal for every student to have a successful, rewarding experience in band and part of that comes from getting each child on the right instrument. Your family will learn about each instrument and work with one of our staff members who will guide your child through making an initial sound on every instrument. When your child is finished trying out instruments, your family will meet with Mrs. Bergeron to make the final decision on which instrument fits your child the most, learn about purchasing or renting an instrument, get your band supply list, and receive other important information.

Each family should plan on the instrument selection process taking 1-2 hours.

Times for each school are listed below. These time frames are spread out to keep the lines shorter throughout the day. If you have a conflict and need to come at a different time, you may arrive whenever it is most convenient. Lines are usually shortest at the end of the day. We will be closed from 12:00-1:00 for our staff to eat lunch.

Cactus Ranch 8:30am - 10:30am

Chandler Oaks 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Old Town 2:30pm - 4:00pm

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Student FAQs

I don't know how to play an instrument.  Can I still sign up for band?

Yes! Most students have never touched an instrument before they come to us. We start with the basics and teach you everything you need to know!

Will I get to take my instrument home?

Yes! Practicing your instrument at home is very important so you can review the new skills and songs that we learn in class. You will be expected to practice an average of 10-15 minutes five nights each week.

Does the band take any cool trips?

Yes! We have an all-night lock in at Gatti-Land that is just for band students, a party at Main Event, and a trip to Schlitterbahn. Band students get opportunities to go on even more field trips as they continue in 7th and 8th grade.

Can I be in the band and still do other activities at Walsh?

Absolutely! Many band students are also involved with football, cheerleading, choir, theater, soccer, basketball, dance, cross country, art, student council, and every other activity Walsh has to offer.